Monday, 20 October 2014

Syndromes and Projects

It's called can't-make-a-decent-face-syndrome.

Wow, I've become terrible at this blogging thing haven't I! What can I say, lack of motivation, no time, stressed life with studies, trying to perfect Literature essays(Literally the ONLY class I enjoy) and trying to stop drowning in math(one of the many subjects I can't seem to bear). Just drowning in studies and thinking about college admissions that start from January. Scary!

Well, let's talk about that 'lack of motivation' bit. I'ts not that I'm not motivated to be creative, I just feel that blogging doesn't quite make the right fit for me, or I believe so. InshaAllah I'm leaving on Sunday for a Turkey trip with my friends, and I can't wait to document every bit of the experience! You'll be getting loads of pictures from that trip, I assure you. Beyond excited.
But after that I'm going to be shifting my creative focuses. I've got something very exciting planned for this winter(including Halloween) and that is to publish (a possibly online) zine(I guess that just makes it an online magazine for teenage girls?). I'd love for any one of you to help me out and drop me an email( about the topic and if you would like to contribute! You can contribute in ANY way possible, you can write an article, poetry, a story, submit a photo spread that adheres to the theme(Winter/Halloween/Spookfest), create illustrations, comics, collages or art, whatever you want! Just drop me a message !

Here are the muses that can act as guidelines to what I'm looking for. I already have a few friends who are willing to contribute, so this project is progressing! I'll definitely be sharing that progress as soon as I get to Turkey and start working on related photoshoots in the hotel room!

Music playlists, lorde, gothic music, teen witches, potions and spells, harry potter, best horror movie compilations, american horror story, thumping bass, power of music, underground freaks party, DIY snow Queen, rocky horror picture show, silence, voodoo dolls, spooky halloween plus winter inspired beauty and fashion, smoky eyes, glitter nails, enchantment, bringing spooky winter vibes to your bedroom etc.

I will also be creating a Flickr account, and really working on my photography. Will be glad to hear from you all!