Friday, 29 April 2016

Solo Adventures

Hello! I am very well aware of how quiet it has been lately on this blog, and I can make a lot of valid excuses to justify my absence. However, I would rather skip that conversation tinted with a slightly negative light because I am too excited about this post at the moment to let anything of a bleak nature pull me down. Creative blocks suck and as an exam-free summer approaches I have been digging around for new perspectives for this blog. Tonight, a random conversation resulting from being sick of staring at accounting formats and past papers and wanting some space from A levels brought me to a guest post that I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT! To me, it's the start of the change of perspective and breath of fresh air I was looking for. 

This is a guest post by Anusha, talking about solo adventures. Let Anusha inspire you to live just a bit more spontaneously.

Solo adventures are when one embarks on spontaneous and often secret journeys to random places they want. Even though the idea sounds pointless, solo adventures are often important for several reasons. First of all, to go out and have a good time by yourself and only yourself teaches you to be comfortable with solitude, other people come and go, but you will always be there, and it is important to enjoy your own company and get to know yourself away from the influence of other people sometimes. 

For me, solo adventures are deeply associated with piercings. My solo adventures consist of sneaking off and grabbing a rickshaw to Park towers for a piercing as soon as i have a decent amount of money and a clear shot at a getaway. Second,to go out into the city yourself and experience the streets firsthand is important,this city is full of pleasant surprises and it is much different than simply seeing it from car windows or other second hand sources.
Often we are taught that it is dangerous to travel alone because you will almost definitely get raped or killed or mugged or any variety of horrible things can happen. That is actually a complete lie they tell you so that you do not achieve independence and only go out with supervision so u can be supervised and stopped from living your life the way you want to.Most people do not care that you're hanging out by yourself on the streets, they're too concerned with themselves, and the ones who do have bad intentions wouldn't dare try and pull something in broad daylight with a hundred witnesses obviously. 

Its hard to explain just why solo adventures and piercings appeal to me so much, it's probably just the idea of defying and challenging such restrictive and religious society. So far, I have had only three, and they were the most fun I've had in ages. It's important to do things for yourself and keep yourself feeling alive in a mundane and useless existence. The first solo adventure was actually an accident, I was supposed to go an get a piercing fixed with a friend, however she had class, and any other friend who could have gone with me also had class. But I couldn't delay it or else the piercing would get worse.I was panicking, it would be dangerous to go alone. So I left Lyceum, walked til the gas station and halfway into the next ally and got a rickshaw to Park towers. It was the first time I'd been on a rickshaw in a decade, I loved it. Feeling the openness of it and the wind flowing through my hair felt amazing. I stopped being scared that I'd get assaulted or something and started to enjoy it all. When I arrived at Park towers, I was reluctant to go through with the piercings, so I had a smoothie at the empty food court and relaxed for a bit. The great thing about Park towers is that its's so close to Lyceum and no one goes there so u have the entire place to yourself and no worrying about running into someone you know. So I finally gathered the courage to go to Sarwana, piercing shop, and got it done. The piercer was also surprised that I came alone. However, the deed was done and I left. I bribed my brother with a shawarma roll not to tell my parents about my trip, they are totally unaware of the piercing shop, since in the past i pierced my own ear, they believe all my piercings are done by my own hand.I went home and could not believe what I had just managed to pull off. I got a ring to commemorate my independence, I have not taken it off since.

The second one was done in a similar manner. More piercings.I got an owl pendant to commemorate this one.
The third one was done very recently. I had an exhibition at Koel art gallery.Three of my pieces were to be sold for charity.

I had lunch with a friend, however when he left i realized I had money left so I walked out of there and grabbed a rickshaw to Park Towers, again. I got my septum piercing, and my navel piercing fixed. And another cool ass pendant as a souvenir.

In conclusion, if you ever want to spice up your life, get out of your house, know your city, have lunch by yourself, get a piercing, get a tattoo, fight conformity. It is your life after all, and you could die tomorrow, or in your sleep tonight, or in a few minutes, nothing is guaranteed so you might as well do what you want.


There! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post as much as I did! Solo adventuring can be done in any way you want. For Anusha, it meant indulging in piercings and buying souvenirs to commemorate that adventure streak in her. For you, perhaps it means going on a night drive by yourself and getting some ice-cream. Or maybe it's just spending some time alone in the neighborhood park. Figure it out, give it a try. It's refreshing.

                                                                                                                                          Love, Mana.