Saturday, 27 December 2014

What if we started living everyday like our life is a movie? what if we started playing out the people we wish we were, even if those people are slightly crazy, slightly messed up in the head? what if we pretended we were a character in a book, who's invented as the writer types on?right then and right there?

What if we plunged headfirst into a unconventional life? what if we started being bold enough to make rash decisions that affect our lives? what if we were brave enough to stand up for something?
what if our generation was that of revolutionaries who started off as rebels who ran away from home, who spray painted the concrete sidewalk, who stopped listening to the rules ages ago?

I want this one question answered. what if we became hypersensitive and aware of the world?

What if each one of us became the monsters that are feared, but fall in love with our lives at the exact same time?
what if being crazy works?
what if insanity does it's job well?

what if we start living our way?