Saturday, 12 July 2014

A day in pictures

So I've been recently talking about wanting some quiet 'me time', something I haven't gotten in a while. I took out this Saturday that is, yesterday, to just work on me, and do things that I like. I spent the day sleeping in(my sleeping in is till ten), editing pictures, making art journal pages out of a Mango catalog and watching movies. I received a book from my Mum, and whenever she buys me a book she always writes this really sweet note on the first page. I've always loved that because I love sentimental gifts. Then I had to attend a family iftar(dinner) and I sort of devoured the qeemay walay chawal(mince meat rice) and even got some packed to bring home haha because I eat a lot. I seriously do, it just does not look like it. I wore this mint green dress which I really love. Listening to Ramleela's soundtrack now.

 I still lack a normal photograph of myself. Laiqa, I need those wonderful pictures you took of me.


  1. Your journals are impressive! Hope you had a good day and enjoyed the chawal - yummy!


    1. Thank you so much! You are too sweet, and they were delicious! :)

  2. OEMGEE YES! Love the art journal work!
    PS: You look gorgeous in red lips!