Friday, 11 July 2014

Days at my desk

 It's a Marina and the Diamonds kind of a day. So today's song for you is 'How to be a Heart Breaker'.

'Rule No. 1, is that you gotta have fun,
But baby when your'e done, gotta be the first to run.'
 This song is everything when you're feeling cold from inside, and like lead. It's one of those kind of days. And I'm totally fine with that. I think.

I've been constantly out, every single day, hardly ever home. I've got my internship, I've got plans with my friends, I've got to go over to my dad's house. I haven't had a peaceful, quiet day in some time. I was supposed to go to my dad's today as well, but I decided to stay home. I need some me time. I need to start working on me. Aren't summer holidays supposed to be relaxing, and well, vacation-y? I only have a few weeks left, and I intend to use this time to completely work on me. Not sort out dramas and problems for friends. Not stress out so much. Spend time reflecting, relaxing and listening to good music.

So, my desk is probably my favourite part of my room. And I love seeing people's messy desks, when they're working on something whether that be completing a shit load of homework, researching for a school project or working on a creative project. I usually blog from my sofa or from my bed, but I decided to sit at my desk instead. The weather is great these days and I don't even have to put on the AC. It's a breezy, sunny summer, the kind of summer you can spend in nothing but shorts and tank tops.

 Anyway, I decided to blog, check and reply to emails, work on the concept of my zine, listen to Marina and tweet some angsty, teenage-y things. This is the kind of evening I needed.

I still haven't gotten to wear this crop top I got months ago. I really need to wear it somewhere, but until then it's hung on my wardrobe door near my desk like a sign. I need to read that everyday anyway, and this way  I don't have to make a poster or anything.

I have moved on to Lana Del Ray because she is perfect.

Additional Day Notes:

I’m really liking the idea of additional notes. It’s like a collection of footnotes of my life.

Red lipstick is really working out for me and is bringing out my bad ass alter ego and it makes me feel damn confident.

My mom thinks I don’t have a wild nature. She says I’m spontaneous and have a strong voice and opinions. She does not see me as a rebel, of a wild, crazy nature, and I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I also like that I have finally started writing the way I want to write and I can express my true feelings without hiding facts about myself, censoring myself too much or showing myself as a completely innocent angel to the world. I feel like I have found my true voice and I’m going to start running this blog exactly how I want to. I may get into trouble for this, but at the moment I think it’s completely worth it.

I need to learn how to do my own laundry.

I’ve been wearing these two bracelets on my wrist for some time now, quite religiously. One is a charm bracelet that my Mom gave me, the other is a friendship anklet. I got it in a pack of three and gave the other two to Laiqa and Mareyah, because friendship bracelets are too mainstream. Yet I’m wearing the anklet on my wrist…

I like this boy, but I’m going to stop myself from liking him. It seems like he likes me too and he shows it a lot, but there is a 10% chance that I may be a rebound and there is no way in HELL that I’m going to take that chance.

I need to stop abusing.

Every two months I crave to do something really stupid. I need a stupid thing, somebody give me a stupid, fun, crazy thing to do. But if you mention drugs to me I will find you and slap you.
I’m currently living in my batman shirt and shorts that are so short that my brother thinks I’m walking around without pants on.

Laiqa wanted to do a photo shoot thing so Mareyah and I came over, dressed up(this was the red lipstick day) and she actually manages to not make me look like an alien fetus in photos.

Alien fetuses. Alien fetuses everywhere.
Till the next post,
Everything sparkles and night lights.

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