Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I'm selling paper goods!

I present to you all, a sneak peek of a shop I’m going to be opening! It’s going to be a paper goods shop, which means postcards, miniature books, cards, envelopes and poster prints of my photography are all coming your way. Sometimes getting back to paper after using technology so much for creative means feels so good. You’re reminded of those childhood days when your art was all in physical form-the finger paint cards and the handmade bookmarks. Getting back to paper for the purpose of pushing back the current stress in my life(A level school admissions and CIE results and what not) felt familiar and comfortable. I enjoyed creating, using splashes of colour, doodling and NOT straining my eyes because of excessive laptop use. It’s been good, guys. After some words of encouragement by a few important people in my life, I decided that I want to open an online shop selling all the papery goodness that I make. Everything that I’m going to be selling has been made with care and a lot of heart put into it. I for one, am an absolute sucker for stationery, which is where the envelopes and cards will come in, and I’ve also been wanting to pretty up my walls just before school-which is where the illustrations and posters will come in. A silver lining is also that everything is quite cheap-from $2 to $5 because I know how hard it is to let go of a pretty notebook because it’s for $20. I got your back, guys. Also, all funds will be going to a charity that I shall reveal soon! If you have any ideas for unique charity cases, let me know!

Until the actual shop is established, I’m taking orders via email, so just shoot me an email for any inquiries, and we’ll figure out what I’ll be sending you, what the posting address is and the process of payment!

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