Friday, 19 June 2015


Everyone has their own work processes. Some work in a very systematical, organized way, while some surround themselves with a huge mess. Some cannot function without a strong cup of black coffee before starting their day tasks, and get right to business, while some enjoy spending time making nice, big breakfasts for themselves, eating it al fresco and taking their mornings slow, enjoying every element of it. Everyone functions in their own ways, everyone’s minds work their own ways, and everyone has a different process of creation. I decided to document my own work process over the stretch of one long day.

I believe that I work messy, and when I’m feeling really inspired and motivated to do and create, my room becomes a chaotic, haphazard jungle of clothes, makeup and miscellaneous items, sprawled over my desk, bed and floor. I tend to panic and stress at random times, then get wound up by excitement of what I’m doing, especially if it is taking themed pictures-I can act quite bipolar at times. To set the mood I always have to either have one song up on repeat, or I have to make a special playlist to go with the mood I’m ‘feeling’. These days I am reverting back to my old, eight grade rock playlists-I feel nostalgic, and I feel comforted by the familiarity of the bass, the guitar riffs and the bold vocals. On this particular day I was listening to ‘Hospital for souls’ by Bring Me The Horizon, on repeat. The music kind of blended and faded into the background by the time the song repeated itself for the fourth. I felt like angsty Mana, slightly rebellious Mana, bold and creative Mana.

All these pictures are a part of ‘#babethrone’-they show a young woman who is creating something working at her desk, the different positions she acquires, the messes that she makes, the change in facial expressions as she thinks, reads and writes. I decided to document these pictures what I would like to call my ‘standard babe working uniform’, black sweats, a black tank, black glasses, black everything but dark red or burgundy lips. I feel very ‘Dauntless’ in my babe uniform, and it makes me feel very powerful especially the lipstick, but all of us here now what benefits are reaped of a good lipstick. Maybe sometimes my babe uniform will change ever so slightly. Maybe I might wear a dark, vampy, purple lippy, or go for a nice bright pink. Maybe one day while feeling extra babe-ly and professional, I might wear an elongating pair of black cigarette pants, and some strappy heels(once I learn to walk properly in them and don’t like a tower that is tottering about, ready to just collapse). Oh, the power of a babe uniform.

The pictures are of bad quality and grainy on purpose. They are also all in black and white on purpose. This is because I wanted to give them this gritty, brooding vibe, that would be achieved by the feel of backstage at a rock show. Dark details, fuzzy captures, terrible messes, just minus the musicians drinking and doing drugs. 

I took all these pictures at various times of the day-at times I would even stop for a good old selfie during a work break. I was good and I was productive-I was messy and I was innovative. And the mess hardly bothers me when I know it was created by a beautiful stream of thoughts and idea trials, ideas and perspective- a beautiful mess that follows a beautiful work process.

#babethrone is a series started by Maham Insha, in which she collects documentations by innovative women who create and inspire; of their work spaces- the places where their magical work processes swing into action and from where they move towards conquering the world. If you would like to contribute your magical workspaces to help grow this series, shoot an email at


  1. I totally want this work space of yours!

    1. Hahahaha and I want to see YOUR workspace!

    2. Hahahaha and I want to see YOUR workspace!

  2. You're absolutely right about the working conditions, they're different for everyone. I am self-claimed type A and I tend to clear up ALL the mess before I start working unless it doesn't work for me (and I keep freaking out at Areeba's messy work places, ugh!)