Friday, 4 July 2014

How to be a bad ass babe.

Because tutorials by amateurs are great.

1) A bad ass babe knows how to do everything she does so well, it kicks everyone else's option to the curb.

2) A bad ass babe understands how important it is to have some 'me time' and take care of herself.

3) A bad ass babe knows all the tiny bad ass babe secrets. Such as how wearing a good, prominent lipstick suddenly makes you more focused, alert and determined. Dressing well and not remaining in your pajamas while working from home gets more stuff done. How keeping your phone, notes, ideas, emails, email checking and phone answering organized keeps you working like a boss. And of course, never underestimate the power of a selfie. A self timer portrait picture head shot is even better. Speaking of self timers...

4) A bad ass babe has to know how to do the shadiest things ever. And have some random skills that she knows will come in handy on a mission. How to pick a lock with a paperclip and a credit card, how to master the self timer camera, how to give someone a haircut, how to secretly slip a package over to a 'stranger' in a public place....

5) A bad ass babe should always channel her bad ass alter ego for advice. What would (insert alter egos name) do?

6) A bad ass babe remembers to remember God. You'd think that makes her less of a bad ass, but you're wrong, it increases her bad ass points.

7) A bad ass babe knows how to keep her health bar up(talking like a gamer woah) and to stay perky and energetic in order to stay productive.

8) A bad ass babe knows how to be spontaneous and a rebel while listening to the rules. Without that, you're just a desperate rebel trying to get noticed. She knows how to work with the rules, and create or do something spectacular.

9) A bad ass babe understands the importance of planning and outlining all of her dreams and goals and keeping them in front of her like a blue print. Writing them on the wall. Making mood and inspiration boards. You get the point.
10) A bad ass babe struggles and works hard to become independent.

11) A bad ass babe listens to her heart and fulfills her needs( I'm not talking about guys) if that means travelling across the globe while having her whole career packed up in a suit case or guitar case or opening up a vintage coffee and record store in  her local town, or even joining the army. Whatever.

12) A bad ass babe remembers to remember the poor, the needy, the distressed and the disadvantaged. A true bad ass babe will ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel like she has been too busy being bad ass and thinking about and working on her self than giving back. She will always feel guilty and that way, she will always be the person giving the most.

13) A bad ass babe builds a pool full of resources and contacts for almost everything.

14) I mentioned this earlier, but I found it very important to repeat myself on this:
                                 A bad ass babe never underestimates the power of lipstick.

Peace out bitches. (I don't even know, I just had a strange urge to say that.)

ps. I'm doing free button swaps! Because button swaps are cool and I feel like I'm part of a bad ass blogging club/gang. Just email me if you're interested.
pps. I need a gang sign. Working on it.

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  1. NUMBER 6, 8 & 10! They make me an official bad ass babe! :P