Saturday, 6 September 2014

Creating blog content you're proud of

Now obviously, I’m not an expert at blogging. I blog on and off, and I’m not too good at it. I ramble on a bit too much, put some random, edited pictures and call that a post at times. But I’ve been thinking, and I’ve been thinking hard of how I can create blog content that I’m actually really proud of. And I wanted this post to be original and not a copy of the related posts other bloggers put up. Again, I’m a beginner blogger and an amateur, but I came up with some solutions to creative ruts and boring posts that I’m SO eager to try out myself! (and hopefully I will)
1)      Okay so first of all, I think all these tips will revolve around the main idea, and that idea is to:
There are many blogs out there, and of many kinds. There are arts and crafts blogs like p.s I made this and Thanks I made it, there are blogs revolving around organizing and homes like I Heart Organizing, there are fashion and editorial blogs like Style Rookie, Calure Villade and Sugar and Spice and then there are those lifestyle blogs that include everything, my absolute favourite being A Beautiful Mess.
So here is the thing and the beauty of blogging:
You can blog about absolutely anything you want. You can create the kind of content you’d wish to see more of in other blogs yourself. What you don’t see or find, you create yourself. Look at your blog as someone else’s, go through it and ask yourself, did you enjoy that post? Or were the pictures of random objects from the bloggers home boring you? Seriously, create content that you as a reader would love to read, things that you would bookmark, or pin on one of your Pinterest boards.
2)      Now this is where this post becomes very interesting, well at least for me(see? Already applying rule no.
Who over here loves vlogs? Makeup tutorials? Various DIY videos? Room, dorm and apartment tours? AGAIN, VLOGS? I bet many of you do. My favourite vlogger and Youtuber generally, is Zoella. I. love. Her. I started watching some of her vlogs, and I loved them. I really liked her homeware hauls, they’re probably my absolute favourite videos by her, although she only has two up. I’m a TEENAGER but she makes me want to get Mason Jar mugs, ‘milk bottle’ bottles, pinstriped straws and pretty mugs and glasses. I also loved her Little Ways to change up your life lifestyle inspiration video a little too much.
Apart from Zoe, I like Bethany Mota’s videos, and I like a great number of them, like her Morning/Night routines for different seasons, her different DIY’s for different situations like school and backyard summer parties and UGH I  JUST LOVE EVERYTHING OKAY?
SO ANYWAY, coming back to the point, I’m going to start creating the kind of content I enjoy WATCHING on YouTube over here at TWPJ. That means, school life posts, many many DIY’s, Interesting ‘lifestyle’ hauls, Lifestyle posts, room tours, themed look books, everyday routines, how to’s etc. Blog like you’re a famous vlogger. Or maybe actually start a vlog…whatever floats your boat!
3)      This is something my mom says to me when she finds me brainstorming randomly for teenage start up business ideas:
Which is something that has given me MANY, actually feasible start up ideas but I’m going to work on them after my senior year is over. But this piece of advice as got me thinking on how it can be implemented for blogging. What kind of content is really hard for you to find or what kind of content does not even exist? If you’ve noticed the gap, the missing something on internet blogs, surely other bloggers have sensed this gap as well. Can’t find a really good high school life blog? Not a college website, but a blog by a teenage student herself and how she combats everyday problems, aces her tests, does cute DIY back-to-school projects? OWN that blog.

So, here are my tips for blogging better and I sure hope I start implementing these ideas myself!

Friday, 5 September 2014

First proper shoot: Mareyah

This is my gorgeous friend Mareyah. I asked her if she could model for me so I could take some portraits of her, she agreed and that's exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago, at her house. I'm an amateur photographer but I really would like to improve and that's why I need practice. I wanted to take pictures of Mareyah in her own room, an environment she is comfortable in. I wanted her room, her favourite things to be the props. I wanted to capture who she is as a person through those 'props'. I wanted her pictures to scream out 'THIS IS DEFINITELY MAREYAH'S TERRITORY'.

Mareyah is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is smart, she is very strongly opinionated, she is pretty, she is different and among some of her talents is that she writes really, really well. I loved taking pictures of her that evening, talking to her, dancing with her and playing out her favourite songs to get her in the mood to be photographed.