Friday, 5 September 2014

First proper shoot: Mareyah

This is my gorgeous friend Mareyah. I asked her if she could model for me so I could take some portraits of her, she agreed and that's exactly what we did a couple of weeks ago, at her house. I'm an amateur photographer but I really would like to improve and that's why I need practice. I wanted to take pictures of Mareyah in her own room, an environment she is comfortable in. I wanted her room, her favourite things to be the props. I wanted to capture who she is as a person through those 'props'. I wanted her pictures to scream out 'THIS IS DEFINITELY MAREYAH'S TERRITORY'.

Mareyah is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is smart, she is very strongly opinionated, she is pretty, she is different and among some of her talents is that she writes really, really well. I loved taking pictures of her that evening, talking to her, dancing with her and playing out her favourite songs to get her in the mood to be photographed. 

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