Monday, 14 July 2014


1. Ghosts -John Murphy
2. In the House-In a Heartbeat -John Murphy
(You have to read this with these two playing. Wear your headphones and put the volume on loud)

Who do you think is listening?
 Who do you think is helping you push back these walls that are closing in on you?
Who do you think wants to know. Just know? You know, 'Hey how're you doing? Is everything okay?'

But no one does. There's only silence.
It makes you wonder,
What if, when you're talking on the phone , there is no one at the end of the line? What if the phone is left and put on a table because no one wants to hear your voice?
What if your friendly neighbourhood is just filled with people who bring you pies to your doorstep and while you're busy looking for oven mitts to hold the container with, the 'friendly neighbour' peers into your house and takes in the surroundings, walks inside and closes the door, and walks into your bedroom and goes and lies down there?
What if you wake up on the kitchen floor and you see blood spatters on the walls?
What if your high school sweetheart has no pinky on his left hand and he tells you that it was a big kitchen accident?
What if the bald man plays this one, chilling, beautiful piece of the piano all night and when you ask him about what he's playing, he just looks at you with his steely blue eyes and your question is met with silence?
Again silence.
What if there is a lot of noise around you, but you filter all that out and can only hear static?

What if you're screaming and screaming and SCREAMING but no one will listen to the alcoholic who's little boy is taken away from his mother by strange men?
What if the man who's lying on the road, who could get run over by the fast approaching truck is already dead?
What if you sell everything you have to be able to pay for cancer treatment for your daughter and you come back home with a bag full of money and the teenage girl is lying dead on the floor with a pill bottle next to her?
What if the electrician slit his eye to make money in a dare game?
What if you enter the house at night and the lights are out and the window is open?
What if you talk to the little girl at the orphanage, the one with the doll in her hand, and she says nothing back to you?
Like I said, silence.

What if nothing is absolute, no one is certain, what if there is a glitch in everyone, what if you believe you're a good person but then the demons inside of you grab hold of the steering wheel and what if you are driven insane by no incident, what if you start seeing double of everything and everyone, what if you just see red walls what if you twitch a lot, what if the monster emerges?
What if all the monsters emerge?
What if they all shed their skins of humanity and sympathy?
What if no one is left safe from this?
What if the rest of the innocent ones are locked up till they go mad and join the rest?
What if we all start finding peace in insanity and disturbia?

What if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?
For any of us?

What if there is nothing, nothing at all, but the criminally insane minds who fight against their own bodies everyday?
What if the suicide rates, double, then triple?
What if no one will save us?

What then. What then. What then. What then. What then. What then. What then. What then.

What then.

I believe in everyone's good sides. I believe in God. I believe that He has given us all a chance. To redeem ourselves. I believe it's all about our choices. I believe we can be as insane and wild and carefree as we want.
But still give a damn. Still stand up for the kid who got beat up by his father. Give food to the homeless man at the bus stop. Save a dog from an injury. Remove glass from  a pathway that may hurt someone. Kiss our kids goodnight and hold them tight to let them know that you care and you will do EVERYTHING in your power to keep them safe. Cherish the elders who have seen so much more of this world than we have. Listen to what they have to say. Give them importance. Leave bread crumbs for the one legged crow who sits outside on your balcony. Believe in love. Believe in soul mates. To not be cold, to not be cynical.
It's so easy to see this world in a bad light. It has given us reason to. And no matter how much you believe that the revolution of the inner monsters has begun,

Maham Insha.

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