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Incorporating a little bit of Desi

 Desi [d̪eːsi] is a Sanskrit term for the people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia and, increasingly, for their diaspora. Desi nations include India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Maldives.
                                                                             Definition taken from Wikipedia Dictionary.

I am not saying that any culture or any race is superior to another. I am trying my best to keep this post away from being controversial. But I have become dead serious about this one belief of mine. So very passionate about this belief.

And this belief is that everyone in the world needs a bit of Desi-ness in their life in order to live a culturally richer, more energetic, sexier life.

I’m not talking about just wearing saris and bindis simply for fashion purposes, which is something that I have been seeing a lot of lately. And I’m not talking about just Indian Desi culture, but Pakistani Desi culture as well. Both cultures as one make ‘Desi culture’.

Many people put Pakistan in the side lines. Many do because of the terrorism (or should I put that in inverted commas?) in this country. The dirt. The pollution. The danger on the streets. Yes, I get it, Pakistan seems terrifying to you but it’s not. Do you even know what Pakistan ACTUALLY looks like and not what the media is portraying it as. What, do you think there are blasts left, right and centre here, all the time? Do you think Pakistan is a self destructive battlefield? I never liked Pakistan. I always wanted to leave and live in some other country. Somewhere cleaner, somewhere where I could walk on the street in shorts. But what if Pakistan was just another place like Venice? Or Paris or China? Which IT IS.

What if Pakistan is just like a misunderstood child? A child who is never given the chance to show it’ true colours? I don’t think even Pakistanis know what their country’s true colours and potential are. They may love it, they may love the weather and the food, the culture, history and shopping, but they can’t envision the Pakistan I envision.

Now that I’ve spoken my mind about Pakistan, I’d like to talk about India and Pakistan’s culture together. I want to talk about Desi culture. Desi spirit. Desi strength.

I want you to take this post very seriously.
I want you to put away all bias.
I want you to clear your mind. Take your five minutes.
I want you to open up all your senses.
I want you to open up your heart.

And just listen. Listen to what I have to say. What life changing advice I’m about to give.

Start watching Desi movies. If you want to feel passion and happiness, pain and sympathy to a whole new level. A level that you have never reached. You know the feeling when all your feelings and emotions are stronger? Pulsing through your whole mind, your whole body. You know the feeling you have when you feel like you’ve reached utopia?

Desi movies make you feel ten times more than that. Desi movies open up your eyes. The aesthetics hypnotize you. The stories move you. Some of the dialogues awaken a part of you you didn’t even know about. I haven’t watched enough Pakistani movies, but we have finally started making more movies. And good ones. I’d like to introduce you to Bollywood movies, mostly.

World, drop everything and watch ‘Ek Villain’ (One Villain). Now. Those who do not understand Urdu/Hindi, watch it with subtitles. No, don’t argue with me. Don’t hesitate. Just don’t. Download it or buy it and watch it. And cry. It’s okay to cry. I want you to watch it with the most unbiased mind, the most open heart that you can manage to watch it with. And fall in love. Fall in love with the concept, the aesthetics, the music.

Fall in love with the music.

All the songs. I’d recommend the 'Gaana' app and website to listen to full Indian movie albums. Here is a link to Ek Villains soundtrack. Close your eyes, lie down with earphones on and lay the music as loud as possible. As loud as your ears can take.

 So in this post I have exposed you to two things, a movie and a music playlist. I’d like to add to your list, the other two favourite Bollywood movies of mine. They are Highway and Ramleela.
Highway will open your mind and teach you so many things. It feels unreal, but it gives you something so strong to believe in. Bout how love knows no age and no class. About how love wins against evil. About how materialistic possessions mean nothing at all.
Ramleela is a damn creepy and weird movie, but watch it because of its cultural riches and aesthetics. Especially the aesthetics. The carefully and intricately designed costumes and dresses. The music. The meaning of ‘sexy’ and ‘sensual’ in other cultures. The interiors and set that they have designed. The intricate  tribal tattoos. The dances. The colours and the stand out lines used in the movie.

Indian movies also give you a new sense of what sensuality is. And as much as I do love LBD’s and lace leggings, Desi sensuality will ALWAYS top it. If you took my advice and watched Ek Villain and reached the item number(song) you know what I’m talking about. Ramleela is a great example of Desi sensuality. If you get this new sense, achieve and develop it, you will NEVER look back.
Me, I like to mix it up you see. I’m currently into bad ass babe stuff, but I know that I just have to incorporate Desi sensuality into it. To me, sensuality means confidence. I know my future pictures will have that ‘tear this to the ground, burn that to ashes’, but I know that just as I can do that through leather jackets and red lipstick, I can also do that through a sleeveless kurta, chooriyan(bangles), cholis(crop top bodices), lehengas(Indian long skirts), matha pattis and tikkas(forehead jewels).

Just as I am currently in the process of creating a ’40 before 20’ bucket list, I am also going to start working on a Desi bucket list. It will be about developing my desi sensuality and alter ego, starting my own personal collection and maybe even line of Ramleela inspired clothes(a project I’m really serious about) and other personal, Desi projects, incorporating both what Pakistanis deem Desi as well as what Indians deem Desi. I am totally going to share that Desi bucket list with you guys. And there will be many more posts like this to come. The next post will be about either Pakistani food or Desi, Pakistani clothes.

Incorporate a little bit of Desi in your lifestyle people. This post focused mainly on Indian desi, the next will most probably be a guide to Pakistani food.

Learning about other people’s cultures is always a good thing! I’d love to learn about other people’s cultures. Areeba from 'I have a messy bun' has started a snail mail exchange programme with her blogger sister Noor. IT’s absolutely amazing and helps you make friends from different places and learn about their culture. Go check it out and sign up for it!

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