Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rain Rain, never go away

I love good weather. I love cloudy but still sort of sunny days, gentle breezes and rain. Even if it's just slightly drizzling every morning I'm happy. It rained after a VERY long time here in Karachi, and although I missed actually seeing the rain, I had a very pleasant day. There was no electricity because of the rain but it didn't matter because of the breezes blowing and the smell of wet dirt has always been a favourite.
I sat in the balcony in the morning in my pajamas with the camera, a notebook and a pen. I took pictures of the glorious morning, did some writing and some crafting. I covered an old notebook with some photo printing paper and a really pretty picture I cut out of a magazine. The blank white strip is a label, I just don't know what to write on it yet. Maybe 'Ideas'? 'Inspiration'? I don't know yet.
When school starts I will officially be a senior. School and 02 sounds extremely stressful and trust me, I've spent a lot of time stressing about it. But why not enjoy these few days and relax and then start prepping for school after Eid?
Also I'll be running around like crazy when school starts, with all the classes, carpooling for endless tuitions and then coming home and studying. But I'll try to make coming home a more relaxing experience. I'm imagining coming back home to an incredible weather, walking into my home and slipping into some leggings and a thin sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers or flip flops, making myself some tea or coffee. Or maybe I'd go for some desi home clothes like a simple patterned boat neck kameez with a white shalwar, both vintagey soft. I'd make the tea or coffee into my room while listening to the pitter patter of the rain. I'd tie my curtains back, light a few candles or insence sticks or maybe essential oils in an oil burner, whatever I'm feeling that particular day. I'd get cozy in blankets, sip on my beverage, do some writing, reply to emails and blog. I'd then take a nice shower, get into comfy pajamas and go to sleep while burying myself in duvets and blankets.
That sounds so relaxing right now.
How do you guys like enjoying the rainy season? What do you like to do? 

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