Monday, 16 March 2015

The End.

Well, this is the end. I know, dramatic much? But it is, and I can't change the facts. Five years in Bayview have ended. We do still have our rung(kind of like holi only NOT holi) tomorrow, our last school exams in a week and our prom coming up but there won't be any more normal school days and that hurts my heart. I'm separating from our four-member squad as we are going to colleges/A level schools. These guys made high school amazing, so did everyone else. And it hurts to think that I'm never going to ever drag myself up the stairs to the multi-purpose room turned classroom ever again.

 This is our 'Lyceum peeps' group, that is all the people from my school going to the same A level institute as me, Lyceum.

Best friend trio pictures.

Favourite teacher, favourite class(Sociology).

Awkward prom assistance pictures.

The Environmental Management class, missing two more. Not all of us got along but we learnt to, in the end. Oh man, that is such a 'The Breakfast Club' story and picture. Oh, it was Casual Day, that is why we are out of uniform. Our grade also decided to make it a themed last casual day, so it was like a toned-down Halloween with multiple Batmans, hippies, goths, army rangers and gangs roaming around. I was a cheerleader like from the old movies who would walk around wearing signature necklaces and boy's football jackets. I had to explain that to everyone many times which was exhausting but they really liked the idea once they understood it. Score.

This is just me being cute with Kash, who was not in costume. Where's the fake-Halloween spirit?

And the rest are just pictures with the squad and other cute memories.

  Celebrating twenty-five years of Bayview.

Thank you for being a school I'll never forget. But where it all ends, there is a new beginning for me as well, an exciting one. I like change, I think it's healthy and inspiring, and I have been waiting to graduate for THE longest time. It feels pretty damn awesome.

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