Friday, 16 May 2014

Can we call a first post 'Pilot'? No?

So. This sucks. My first post for the new blog and i don't even have a single picture to go with it. My pictures won't transfer into the laptop*claps*. I mean, what if you guys get suspicious about who is behind this blog? What if you guys get freaked out and think i'm some hairy old man who has a really, really big silly band collection(remember when those were cool?) and sends old grandmas' inappropriate texts?
Well i can assure you, I'm not an old hairy man. My name is Maham, my family and some other SELECTED people call me Mana. I really like brunch, i think it is the most perfect meal ever. Other things i like: The Killers, Arctic monkeys, Theory of a Deadman, Jimmy eats World, Three days grace, Skillet, Florence and the machine(these are all bands by the way), bad poetry, photography, performing, black lace, alter egos, roofs, aqua dip dyed hair, cartilage piercings, psychological thrillers, Theo James body, dancing on tables, my electric guitar named Mr Bright side after the song because it sounded like a sadistic and awesome name for a black guitar, bitch faces, travelling, Mila Kunis's everything, corsets,dancing, bookstores, dressing up, obsessions, RAIN, independence, rebellion, and bad ass babe vibing.
Things i don't like: Break ups, crying, too much action in action movies, drama, boys who break hearts, conformity ALL THE TIME, LIKE GOD.
I blog about things i like, not things I'm supposed to like.
There will be pictures in my posts, don't worry.
I wish i were a sexy spy on a mission.
But in reality, I'm just sexy.
 NO, actually i think every one is sexy. Everyone is attractive as soon as they stop paying too much attention about whether people think so.
SO. This is me. Hello.
Also, did i mention i like Theo James body? Damn, he's so fine.

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