Friday, 30 May 2014

Teenage dreams

So, i don't know, i just dont want to be one of those beginner bloggers who write a huge ass story about themselves, and their first few posts are just about them, building up about themselves, their characer and their lives  in order to get the readers/ viewers 'settled in'. I mean, i already did that for my first blog and it was fun but 'facts about myself' posts can always come later on. And who knows, maybe i dont even HAVE viewers, so why waste all my time trying to get them to like me? Like okay hi. My name is Maham Insha and this is MY blog. So i'm just gonna go ahead and do whatever i want with it. If i want my first post to be about orangutans because i LIKE orangutans and i want my first post to be about them, to hell with everyone i'm gonna write about orangutans.
Well, actually, this post is not about orangutans. I dont even like orangutans? why did they even pop into my head to give as an example..

This post is about this photography series i have been working on this summer. My summer vacations just recently started and i have decided to actually LIVE this time. This summer will NOT be about endless TV viewing and binging on junk food and crying on every episode of one tree hill. And my crying is ugly. This summer is going to be whatever i want it to be. This summer is going to be about creativity and passion and independence.
I'm really interested in photography. Sometimes, when i am unable to express myself through words, or painting, i can rely on my DSLR, or mostly, my phone camera to build up stories. To express myself. To live in many different worlds and be many different people and view the world from many people eyes. I like the small things to be the big things, i like that one picture to be so hauntingly beautiful, to have such an incredible story behind it..well a post about why i love photography can happen later.
I have been working on this series, 'Teenage Dreams'. I have an idea for a separate post on teenagers as well. Let's just say these are magical years. And they're magical in different ways for different teenagers.  Here are some pictures. This particular set has this haunting, eery cold feel to it. Everything to do with glamour and rebel and darkness that attracts a teenager, and some girly bits in between too.

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