Thursday, 19 June 2014

Happy summer Days

 So yesterday I spent the day with my friend Kashang. She came over and it was just a day full of movies, a huge platter of biryani( spiced rice) with raita(seasoned, thinned, yogurt), vegetable salads and small glass bowls filled with ice cream. She let me do her makeup, and that is something I LOVE doing, but none of my friends let me do theirs, except two of my best friends, Mashael and Zahra. And now Kashang, of course. And just FYI, they said I do a brilliant job so world. PLEASE let me do your makeup from time to time. Then I took Kashang out in my balcony so that I could take some pictures. She also took some pictures of me and what I was wearing. It was great fun, and we ended the day out in the balcony, leaning over the railing looking at dog walkers and joggers go past us. The breeze felt so good against our skins.
 As you can see below, our balcony has potential to be extremely beautiful. The plants just need a little placement and grooming. I asked my mum, and she said I can help her design and landscape the balcony, and I'm excited to take on that project!

Yes i know my stomach is protuding's the biryani....and the ice cream. I'm wearing patterned pants I got from Mango, which look like ordinary pajamas. The shoes are from this really cool shoe shop in Singapore. The shop had a really cool name, but I forgot it..The shirt is some random shirt I have had for the longest time and the brass cuff is something I took from my mom.(Great first outfit post mana..)

 This is my gorgeous friend.
And this is me showing my true colors. Kashang started laughing while taking pictures of me cause I started dancing in the balcony like a freak.

-Maham xx

                                 Currently listening to Painkiller by Three Days Grace.

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