Thursday, 19 June 2014

20 facts about me

1) I live in Karachi, Pakistan.
2) I am in high school, my last year. I'm going to be back in school in a bit more than a month, as a senior.
3) I am obsessed with the Indian Bollywood movie, Ramleela. And everyone knows it.
4)I love blogging. A lot.
5) I am in love with three guys. Theo James, Pete Wentz, and the guy who plays Hook in Once Upon a Time.
6) I have sung something that aired on Radio FM 89.
7) I suck at maintaining relationships with guys, even if it is just a friendship.
8) I don't like chocolate.
9) I listen to rock and alternative music.
10) I want to be a kitty mama. With 4-5 kitties.
11) I long to travel alone.
12) My favourite subject is Sociology.
13) I have done a few concerts.
14) My electric guitar is called Mr Brightside after the song by The Killers. It sounds so sadistic.
15) I love alter egos.
16) I really like clothes and dressing up.  A LOT.
17) My nickname is Mana. And I love that nickname.  A lot of people call me Mana now instead of Maham.
18) I am both very insecure and very confident and I don't know how that can be. I like to think that the confident part of me is my alter ego monster is trying to break out of it's cocoon.
19) I like being sad. It's my favourite past time.(Can you sense the bittersweet tone?)
20) I am selfish. I am brave.( Just kidding, Divergent anyone?)

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