Sunday, 22 June 2014

Room Tour(sort of)

Listen to Ambarsariya by Sona Mohapatra

 I just came back home from a weekend stay over at my friend Mashaels house. We spent a lot of our time eating Thai, watching Sherlock and making up detailed stories of our dream lives and situations. Dreaming up stories with friends is the best. We also listened to a lot of Fall out Boy(now you know why I am friends with her).
I came home and decided to re-organize parts of my room. I moved around furniture while listening to some Florence and the Machine(I need new music). I am really happy with most of my room. It's finally started to shape up, it seems like it has it's own personality. It's not too messy and it's not too neat.
I love room tours a lot- I would watch so many in a go on YouTube. I absolutely love them, checking out a room tour is like getting to know bits of a person's personal life and character. This isn't exactly a room tour, it's just bits of my room that I organized and prettied up last night.

 My desk area is one of my favourite areas of my room. As you can see, Mr. Brightside and my other, unnamed guitar are propped up on the side. Moving left to right, the books I'm going to study from(hopefully) during the summers are stacked up on the side. They include Maths, Urdu Language and Environmental Management text books, and at the bottom, an excercise book to work math problems in. Then I have my Accessorize 'Union Jack' weekly planner which is so pretty and I love pretty stationery and supplies. Behind it is my Tate Museum watercolor sketchbook, which is made out of scraps of the most amazing watercolor sketchbook papers.
 I have my huge calender, and on top of it I have the cover of a sketchbook that I use as a base board for when I'm writing something, drawing etc. The 'Tostitos' jar was a salsa jar, but now I use it as my 'Adventure' jar. I am collecting money for future adventures that I want to have. A girl gotta be able to pay for herself. Behind it is another jar that hold my pens and pencils.
Next to it is an aluminum easel from Ikea, and propped on it are little cards and bits of paper for whenever I need to jot something down to remember or make a to do list. Next to it is a black box which contains all sorts of art paper that is now out of stock in Karachi. It was given to me by my aunt, who just recently got married. She is a graduate from an art school and so she gave me many things she had kept and doesn't need anymore. In fact, she gave me the planner, the sketchbook and the easel as well.
On top of the black box are loose A4 papers on which I write and brainstorm concepts, ideas and projects. I also have a couple of zine collaboration pages on top(another project). Lastly I have two books propped up on the box, The Fault in our Stars by John Green and Little Women. These are the two books that I've currently been reading. Actually I'm done with Tfios, but the cover is just really pretty, that's why it's still on the desk.

 This is my sofa bed. It converts into a bed, which is actually really handy for sleepovers and lounging on. The teddy bear was a birthday gift, the dotted cushion is from Khaadi, and the London cushions were given by my aunt, and so were the three small canvases. The big canvas painting is my own-I'm extremely proud of that piece. Like, extremely. There is a bundle of blankets, shawls and a prayer mat on the side.

 This is my..dresser? Vanity? Whatever you want to call it. I absolutely LOVE it because I can easily customize what is to be on the surface according to seasons and current muses, which I think will be great fun.

First off, there is a magazine propped up, which is extremely old, but I absolutely adore the Kate Hudson cover, I think it's gorgeous. Going left to right, I have my Fcuk bronzer, which I love and use a lot, even though I really don't need bronzer, with my uneven, tanned complexion. I have my Lo'real pressed powder, and on top of that, a crystal bowl with hair ties, barettes, clips and my two favourite necklaces in it. I have my Maybelline pot of black, gel eyeliner, my Body Shop's watermelon lip balm pot, my Body Shop eye cream, Marks and Spencer's Magnolia hand cream, a mini perfume called 'Insignia' by God knows whom, Marks and Spencer's shimmery pear blossom lotion, my Color Me deodrant and my Victoria's Secret 'Amber Romance' body mist.

I have a plastic blue bowl that holds my collection of mini perfumes, inherited by my mother. I have a Dior box that I covered with glitter(failed attempt at glittering) which holds my pills. I am not a druggie, I assure you. I have a Marks and Spencer's eye shadow palette with the prettiest box, and a really cute Ikea glass on top of it, that holds all my currently-in-use makeup and brushes.

  Here is just something I did in my washroom. I removed my handwash and put these fancy Marks and Spencer hand washes given as gifts that I have accumulated over time. I decided to use them otherwise they will always be lying around at the back of my wardrobe. Pretty packaging again!

My bathroom is always cluttered and disorganized because as a preteen I was a complete product junkie. It's getting better, I promise. I decided to put a black tray with my most used things on it, which are my lense kit, my face wash, my dry shampoo( at the back) and my Body Shop clay mask, moisturizer and toner from the seaweed collection.  It's like some sort of mini wake up, morning station.

That's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some ideas from my bedroom for your own. I will leave you with a list of my favourite songs:

Or Nah by The Weeknd
Take Care cover by Florence Welch
Last to Know by Three Days Grace
Everybody's Fool by Evanescence.

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