Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Just random thoughts

Listen to Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine

I just need to get away. I just want to get lost in a world that revolves only around me, as selfish as it sounds. I want to lose myself completely and I want to be surrounded by music. Start or work at a record label, get involved in the music scene some how. Music engulfs you. Music completely takes over you. Music transitions you into another world.
I want to get a record label and collect all Florence and the Machine LP's. I have fallen in love with this band. I also want a type writer. I want to write stories by it, in the middle of the night, when my thoughts keep me from sleeping.
I want adventure. I'm craving it. Just getting away, all by my self, getting on a plane and not coming back for a long time.
I want excitement. I want adrelanine to pump through my veins. I want to feel the bass of the music at all times.
I don't know, i guess I'm just rambling on.

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