Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sleepless Nights and Mixtapes

I haven't been able to sleep at all, for the past few nights. I stay up late and thoughts keep coming to me. Ideas, Inspiration, Clarity of plans for my future. Finally. I love staying up. I love writing at this time, till the break of dawn. I love seeing the sun rise.
A fact about me: I cannot write without the presence of music. I just cant. Music playlists set up the mood for my writing. I mostly listen to alternative and rock(or just  those two words together), and my writing just takes flight from there. I like it. I like how the music is like the background music or theme music for my story, it makes the writing comes alive, it becomes a movie in my head. The words catch fire like this.
I came up with an idea, and that is to mail you guys 'love letters' that is, inspirational, angsty bull shit that maybe, just maybe awakens a part of you that you didn't know even exists because it has been dormant for so long. I am by no means an inspirational speaker or motivator, but just a person who isn't gonna act all fake, all smiles and all. What you're gonna get is a person who writes things that are raw and honest and real.
And now here's the thing: every 'love letter' will be accompanied by a virtual mix tape-a tape of all the song that I would be listening to while writing that exact love letter to you, in the middle of the night.
It would be great if you could blog or tweet about this! The more the magic of love letters and mix tapes sent  to strangers is spread, the better. Just comment below or email me for your first set. :)

This  is my first mix tape. Hope you enjoy it.

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