Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lit by computer light and fairy lights

What I'm loving:
1) My new fairy lights. I'm obsessed with fairy lights, like completely obsessed. I think they give such a beautiful, surreal effect and I wish I had more so I could drape all my walls with them. Thank you, Mashael.

2) The Civil Wars. I love this duo so much. Especially their songs 'Falling' and 'Barton Hollow'. They have this very easy but raw feel to their songs. Joy Williams is also really beautiful, may I add.

3) My passionate, determined and loyal friends. They have been giving me a lot of love lately, spoiling me with all this liquorice at school, writing me heartfelt letters that I have pasted on to my floor length mirror, having long heart-to-hearts and all this is good for my soul and I'm eternally grateful(dramatic much?)

4) I'm SO inspired these days, mostly for photo shoot ideas. I just wish I had willing models to help me actually execute these plans.

What I'm not loving so much:

1) Being sick absolutely blows. I've been away from school for wayyy too long and I'm not missing school life, which is just a bit worrying because I really am not in the mood to go back. Anyway, being sick sucks. Staying in bed all day and taking medicines all day sucks.

2) College admissions. Enough said.

3) Lack of productivity. I'm just too lazy to get some actual work done, whether it be school work or blogging or designing or taking pictures or ANYTHING, basically. And that makes me pretty sad, although I quite like snuggling in my blankets all day and watching movies.

Ahh. Love/hate.

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