Sunday, 25 January 2015

(That's my 2014 life right there^I make weird faces for the camera while my friends decide to just not come in the picture and take their own personal selfies.)

First of all, can we please sit down and rave about this new blog design? When it was all done I could hardly believe my eyes. Seriously? This is my blog? MINE? I cant NOT post more often and pay great attention to my blog if I have a beautiful, personalized blog like this. And it’s all thanks to Areeba from 'I have a messy bun'. Let me tell you, making online friends is beyond amazing, you know, if those ‘online friends’ aren’t creeps you met on Facebook or a random dating website(because you thought trying out online dating would be fun and make great stories to tell your friends when you’re older. Well, the only stories you will have to tell are about that one time when you were asked to send pictures of your nicely pedicured feet. The internet is a strange and scary place.)

But making the right kind of online friends? Oh wow, it can be so amazing. I ‘met’ Areeba when I was hunting for blogs by people near my own age and I happened to stumble upon both the twins, Areeba and Noor, who don’t only happen to be just a year older than me but also happen to me of the same nationality and city! I decided to email only one of the two about my blog and my life story(I don’t know why!) because well emailing both the twins at the same time would make me seem SLIGHTLY creepy, wouldn’t it? Ah well, both are amazing girls with entertaining blogs and both do wonderful blog designing! Areeba designed my blog, offering the service herself, and oh man, I was sooo thrilled. She has a great, simple design communication process with very desirable and pleasing results, I must say.

Well, New year, new blog, new me right? I was so sure I was going to abandon blogging since my life and schedule is going to be crazy now. Applying for colleges for A levels all by myself, doing MUNIK at the very same time(Which mean hours and loads of energy spent on researching on my committee and topic) WHILE studying REALLY hard for my final O level year is insane.

As you can see, New years started with a whole bunch of goals instead of resolutions which include completing all of the above successfully and hopefully doing an amazing internship/job/volunteer programme, preferably abroad in the summers. I already completed an internship at SEEDVENTURES last summer and man, that was an experience I should have blogged about because it was tiring, yet brilliant. Well, no regrets. I don’t really make resolutions because they’re slightly different from goals, not as affirmative and so I don’t really feel the pressure or thrill of completing them.

You see, it’s the way one says things.

Resolution: I will start writing more.

I’m going to write a series of short stories and a poetry collection.

It’s all in the tone the wish is said in. I would be much more motivated by the tone the goal is written in, I think anyone would.

However, I DO have three resolutions. Doesn’t really kill me to make them and they are so precisely selected and I want their result SO bad that I have a strong feeling I will keep up with them.

  1.   To become more independent. Now for a minute mana, imagine living all alone in an apartment by yourself in an unknown city in a foreign country. That IS the dream, right? Now imagine that life with unpaid and unorganized bills, crumpled up clothes and huge, building piles of laundry, a dirty floor, dirty dishes and unhealthy Chinese takeout everyday?(I’m sure there are more kinds of takeouts often eaten but hey, movies portray Chinese food the most don’t they?)I can’t let this happen. If I want to live alone I’ll have to become more independent which means washing and ironing my own clothes, washing my own dishes, learning how to make basic food, learning how to keep the house clean etc. I am well on my way with this resolution, since I have started mopping the floorboards of the house regularly, been washing my own dishes and keeping my room cleaner. GOOD JOB MANA!

  1. 2.       To blog more and to blog better content and to not let blogging go. Thanks to the wonderful and talented Areeba, I’m super motivated to do so! I’m finally out of my writers block, and I’m getting ideas for posts as well as proper articles. There are a few article ideas that I’m really excited about and they revolve around gender and discrimination. I have got a fair idea of what kind of blog content I want to publish and hopefully, I’ll start blogging more. Maybe my new busy ‘college’ lifestyle’ will actually spark some more content than stop me from blogging!

  1. 3.       To read more and to read things that I’m interested in. I have advice for all of you. If you are interested in science fiction, read science fiction. If you are interested in the National Geographic, subscribe to it. If you are interested in classics or  horror or mystery novels, read THOSE instead of what you think is popular, such as John Green at the moment(No, I’m not indirectly saying I dislike his books). For me, I’m interested in certain motivational and spiritual books such as this one book I’m loving-‘Seven habits of highly effective teenagers ‘ by Sean Covey, and I guess, in feminist books or books and reading material exploring gender discrimination. I know Sylvia Plath is definitely on my literary list!

What are YOUR goals and/or resolutions? Are you confident about completing and sticking by them? I’m actually really interested in knowing, so leave a comment below! Also if you know any good books that you think I may like, let me know! I also like fictional books that deal with teenage life and dark topics such as anorexia, depression etc. Thanks again, Areeba for the blog design!

Here are just some pictures that depict the last few days of 2014:

I became obsessed with candles to bring in warmth and set the atmosphere for winter in my room. 

 I took out sweaters and warm leggings as the days became chilly. I love maroon and dark blue sweaters.

I started a new project and here's a sneak peek:
 Doesn't it look like an album cover? At least I think it would make a great record jacket.

I took some eerie self portraits and I'm really proud with the results. Again, just a sneak peek;

 It was my birthday on the 22nd of December, and seven-eight of my close friends came over for pizza, cake, blurry pictures and truth or dare. But mostly pizza and cake. I tried to do my disturbing editing using the blurry pictures. Never letting anything go to waste!

This post wouldn't be complete without me awkwardly trying to do a pretty little liars 'shhh' pose and failing.

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