Friday, 16 January 2015

Little girl things to big girl things

I love  how the quality of pictures dropped down as they went on. Oh well. This post is literally an ode to changing times and growing up, something I, like every other 'child' long for. Yes, what the adults say happens to be true- growing up isn't easy and approaching adulthood is hard. You have to take responsibility for your own actions, you have to be more independent, you have to take part in adult activities and attend adult events, you have to work even harder academically, you have to along with academics juggle a ton of extra curriculars, there is more pressure on you to expand your horizons, and you're expected to keep business just 'business' HOWEVER you still have to form good relationships with's confusing at times and, well hard more most of the time.
However, it can be fun too. Independence feels amazing. That's the dream I plan to work on. With independence comes the ability to quench that wanderlust. Well, anyway, one of the more grown up events I have been able to take part in recently is MUNIK, which is a four day MUN(Model United Nations) conference being held in the Institute of Business Administration(IBA) in Karachi and even though sadly, I was not able to debate for all four days and there are some unpleasant memories attached to it, I had more fun than I thought I would have. My committee for this conference was one that is included in the General Assembly of the UN, DISEC, which is the Disarmament and International Security Council, our topic of discussion and debate being on intervention in South Sudan, Darfur and Abyei regions and my represented country being Belgium. I did not do too well in actual debating(probably because I wasn't prepared and hadn't researched well enough), but this experience(along with my trip to Turkey) greatly highlighted my one of my strong points: Communicating and socializing. See, there is this thing called unmodding(unmoderated caucuses) in which one has to informally debate with other delegates, convince them to understand your perspective, make allies and blocs with countries, work towards making resolutions that the UN can put forward in order to solve the problems in accordance with the topic in discussion. My co-delegate, who is basically my partner said numerous times that she observed me from far away unmodding with other delegates and said she was very proud of me because i was apparently 'exuding confidence'. I loved unmodding, getting up and around, introducing myself to other delegates and communicating my points. I love meeting new people and talking to them, and to be able to do that well makes me feel grown up and just overall good. I also loved how my pictures came out! MUNIK was somewhat like an internship, it helped me figure out what I'm good at and what I'm not good at, and I think self discovery is absolutely amazing.
I'm enjoying this growing up process and I wish to do a whole lot of new things such as interning or volunteering abroad. Oh wont that be lovely. However right now I can only dream of such things as I'm busy with A level college applications and studying for my last O level year. You know..other adult things.

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