Thursday, 2 April 2015

Useless updates #1: Mostly selfie edition.

Yes, MOSTLY a selfie edition because I had to put in this first picture, it makes such a pretty blog post header! Anyway, I decided to join in on the fun that is putting up the most useless, random updates on the Internet, a blogging series thought of by Areeba. I so understand the excruciating feeling linked with the fact that you can't blog about completely useless updates about your life because nobody cares. But you know what? If people don't care, I don't care either! Can you really call this post useless 'updates' though, because they aren't exactly UPDATES about my life, more of random selfies I've taken recently(and not so recently!)

So here is me LONGING for short hair! I'd love to have really short hair, like a lob(long bob, just learnt this), and hell, it won't be a ride in the park maintaining such hair because most days it ain't gonna look as good as it does above! I'm not really allowed to have short hair because my mom loves my long hair, but after my exams end and prom is done with, I'm pressing once again for her to let me try something new! I'm going to have to prepare a whole argument/speech for this one. Fingers crossed, hope she agrees!

 I'm also trying to stray away from my 'all black everything' mantra. Well, just kidding, honestly i just really want to experiment this summer! I want to look really different this summer and give myself a proper makeover. Things that are on my mind include getting a wavy lob, a cartilage piercing, and wearing many different kinds of lipsticks and eyeliners. Here I'm sporting a bit of purple liner on my lower lash line, along with the standard black on the upper lash line, and some bright pink lipstick! It was scary, looking so different, because normally I'm a kohled eyes, long lashes and nude or red lips kind of a girl, and this is something different. I'm starting to really like different.

 Well, this is my rockstar picture, and the dirty mirror and lights around my bed are the details that really make this picture. Who doesn't like a bit of a grunge factor? I love this picture because it incorporates all those little elements of someone living a 'hardcore' life. And ACDC was definitely blasting from my speakers when i took this picture.

And this would be that not-so-recent picture I was talking about, with rather awful lighting as well. This is from my MUNIK days, and I wanted to include this in this post because i look cute and nerdy and smart, lol.

That's all the selfies for this post!
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