Sunday, 14 June 2015


This post is the beginning of a series I'm introducing to this blog, which I hope will bloom into something much more. As can be seen from the pictures above, I'm experimenting and exploring different avenues, viewpoints, themes and ideas, and sort of just playing around with them through art journaling so I can create some visions and explore my identity(deep), and I decided to finally just GO AHEAD with one of my ideas and substantiate it.

  Ladies and gentleman, and those gender confused people in the middle, this is the first of many posts on work spaces of powerful, strong women. I want to blog about and share all sorts of work spaces that all sorts of women use to create the things they love, to be productive etc. I feel like creating the perfect work space is extremely important to help produce your best work.  

 Close your eyes and imagine if you were one of the worlds greatest 'corporate bitches' , or that you're a ruling queen of a foreign country, or the ringleader of a bad-ass, underground club of deviants, or even Beyonce. What would your desktop look like? What would surround you in that space that helps you conquer the world? 

This is the space of my friend, Morsche. She's this kick-ass girl, with an amazing work space. Notice the small elements that will ensue, like the abstract painting, the wall of words she did herself, the Swiss-army knife, the books and the little pottery candle holder. I know this is where she will come up with and do great things. You will see much more of her on this blog, as she is quite a good writer, and is so gorgeous, I'm thinking of photographing her for a themed photo shoot soon!

I absolutely love her desk space, it's extremely inspiring. I have a couple more posts for this series lined up, and in order to continue it, submissions are welcome, if you want to share your desk space aka throne, or your wall of inspiration, just shoot me an email at and send me your submissions!

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    I absolutely love her work space. I am in the middle of making my own inspirational wall and it's going to involve a lot of ink, I'll be sure to send you snippets.s