Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Few of my Favourite things

 Hello guys! I am aware of the fact that it has been ages since I last blogged! As some of you may know,one of the reasons for this is that I was on vacation in Thailand, but, eh, that can't be a valid excuse anymore because I was back two WEEKS ago. Hence, let's just stick with the famous 'Maham Insha safe excuse' that we occasionally fall back upon, over here at LMW:

'I was procrastinating and busy.'(Yeah, busy catching up with 90210, *scoffs*)

Well, to be fair, there was also Eid that just passed a few days ago. YEAH, okay, I have a real reason! Don't be so hard on me!

Anyway, Thailand was amazing. Well, the five days in Phuket were amazing, I didn't care much about Bangkok, to be honest. I took a LOT of pictures, and as soon as I edit and compile them properly, there will be a flood of posts about my vacation, I promise. Until, then, here is a bit of a sneak peek of what my trip was like, in the form of a few of my FAVOURITE things I brought back home with me, from there. My shopping was very limited on purpose-I didn't feel like shopping after days of beaches, nature and water sports. However, I did buy a few things, that I really love, and treasure.

This would be my signature necklace, that my Mom actually bought from there, and then gave it to  me. The crystals are actually the palest lavender you can imagine, which sadly is not pictured over here. I LOVE this necklace, from the crystals to the pretty, delicate gold chain, as well as the fact that it was gifted to me by my mother. It just represents my trip in a way. It represents the saltwater from the beach, the wind that tousled my hair, the soft sand underneath my feet, the waves crashing upon each other. I wear it every single day.

This bowl. This bowl is actually part of the first oil burner I ever bought for myself. Previously, I used to steal the oil burners from the lounge or dining area. Now I have my own pretty, clay oil burner with a gorgeous jade and aqua bowl on top.

This is something I'm really excited about! It's a shark tooth necklace, which I bought from the coastal market in Phuket. I actually went SEARCHING for this one night, because it's on my bucket list to own a shark tooth necklace, and now I do! I sometimes pair this with my crystal necklace, otherwise I stuff it into my bag or my pant pockets whenever I go out.

I also now have my very own snow globe! I bought this from the airport while on my way back to Karachi. It's so pretty! It's kept on my desk. The elephant also reminds me of how I rode an elephant(SHH, I should have kept that for the next posts!)

I came back home and I printed out some amateur, normal prints of some pictures I took at James Bond Island. There are just for me to keep, maybe to art journal with. I'm planning to print out proper, high quality, glossy prints of my pictures, which I'm planning to sell on an online store. I'm actually pretty proud of them, although all credit goes to Thailand's pristine beauty. 

 And this would be an actual sneak peek of the pictures that will be coming up!

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