Friday, 3 July 2015

Let me link you up

Hey there everyone! I know it's been quite a long while, or maybe this stretch just seems longer to me than it actually is-either way I feel like I haven't blogged in the longest time. I don't think I have a creativity block for say, but there is something wrong and I can't quite put my finger on it. I have photographed my room and the new wall above my desk a week ago, edited the pictures and even uploaded them onto a blog post, saved as a draft, but I can't seem to sit down and write the post. Believe me, I try, but the words seem unnatural, forced. Maybe I'll finish and publish that post one day, but maybe, who knows, it may remain a draft for years and never be posted. Anyway, so instead of finishing the work space tour for 'Babe Throne', I have decided to put up a 'Favourite links' post for you guys.

Now normally I seriously detest(strong word) link posts because I feel like they are a lazy way out of actual blogging. I feel like one can just pick up a bunch of random links from the internet that they don't really even care about, just to meet their weekly requirement of blogging 2-3 times a day, hence I have only done such a post once in my life, and that was not even for this blog. However today, in a total spur of the moment I decided I NEEDED to share some links with you that are dear to my heart at the moment and are constantly on my mind.

(Note: I am not supplementing every link with a picture because I feel quite uncomfortable putting up pictures that aren't mine, even if I cite the source. Nevertheless, these links are extremely important, and may be even more so, than those supplemented with pictures.)

First up we have this incredible video by blogger, film maker and retired model Em Ford, which I'm sure many of you have seen shared by someone or the other on Facebook. I can think of NO ONE who can not relate to this video about insecurities(with a concentration on facial insecurities), comments on people's appearances and how we women use makeup to 'mask' our insecurities, although sometimes even that doesn't work, as we see in the video. Ford also wrote this post on her blog about how you define beauty, and it is definitely worth a read. I have been thinking a lot myself about the definition of beauty as you can see through this  post of mine-it's been on my mind lately and reading Em's post just felt so... real, something that you read and you feel like all your emotions about how you look are being understood. This one line she writes, 'I was too fat, too boring, too bland'-I felt like someone had read my mind. 'Too bland.' That's the word. Bland.

Taken from Areeba's blog

In addition to this, I really liked this post on Areeba's blog on female victims of acid attacks in Pakistan. I think my interest sparked in the way she made a connection with describing her simple facial features and then suddenly started talking about female victims on a show(stills from the show are pictured as well). It was unexpected, it was heart-wrenching and it was, beautiful. Again, a post on beauty that I would like to ponder on.

This was from our senior rung.

My best friend Mareyah has started a blog and it makes me THE HAPPIEST. A lot of my close friends are starting blogs and I can't wait to stalk them four times a day(Lord knows I do that to Mareyah's blog). The blog is called 'My Entrancing Heart' and by the way she writes and the tone of the blog you can immediately tell she's going to be a great blogger. She just has that 'blogger tone', you know?

This last link is an extremely fun article on Rookie mag! I just scrolled to the latest articles after the longest time, and hell, Rookie has upped its game even more, if that's even possible. The fun post that really caught my eye is this pajama post, 'Because you can: Glamorous Pajamas'. Now THIS is the kind of content I would love to produce for my own blog, something fun, something quirky, something that grasps your attention for being so different. Do I love pajamas? Yes. I surely wouldn't mind having a silk robe to wear around in the royal bed chambers, or a lavender lace babydoll nightgown while pampering myself at night, or playing 'Left for Dead' the few times I ever play it and scream "DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!!' including some obscenities, or maybe even going out on a killing rampage because I'm sure lavender lace looks great with red. :) (As Mareyah would say, that went from a 0 to a 100 real quick.)

Finally, I would like to just quickly update you on my life. I am leaving for Thailand tonight, and will be staying in Phuket for the first four days, and then Bangkok for the next five days, if I'm right. I will not be able to blog from there as I'm not taking my laptop and I despise blogging from my phone, and so there shall be some guest posts up during that time, by various people. Also, when I get back, expect an overflow of Thailand pictures! Until then, you can follow the new travel feed that will start rolling on my Instagram. xo

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