Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to fight creative frustration: Make a mess!

 Oh how those dreaded creative blocks just seem to come and go like no one’s business! It’s not just me, this monster of a cycle is a very prominent part of every creative individual’s life.  This arch nemesis springs out when you’re not expecting it to, and consumes you for, if you’re lucky, a few days at the least, and if you’re unlucky, can last for months. I honestly despise this period, it frustrates me to no point. If I’m not creative enough, do I have anything at all? Living a creative life has become a part of me..I’m no math whiz or athlete. This is my thing, and if I fail at my ‘thing’, well then it feels like I have lost my way, lost my identity.

Today, I felt like a creative rut was coming on, but instead of crying for hours about how I haven’t ‘done anything with my life’, I decided to conquer this creative block and avoid the anxiety and frustration.

Guys, just make a mess. Don’t think about outcomes, or making a substantial piece of art-just make a beautiful, creative mess. It frees your mind. Today’s mess was inspired by the beautiful ‘Lush’ bath bombs that I wish to get my hands on one day-their effect in the bathtub as seen through Instagram pictures and videos seems gorgeous. I poured water into a big plastic tub and mixed blue paint, two shades of blue glitter and half a bottle of silver glitter into it. The colours and glitter swirling around in the water reminded me of galaxies and stars, and of course, Lush bath bombs. But the part which was even more fun was finally draining the water into my sink. I documented the remains of my galaxy potion, and well, through my mess, I actually managed to take some interesting pictures, hence, made art in a way?

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